Mix & mATCH


At-home entertaining,
now the big opportunity!

The definition of a Cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink that must contain three or more ingredients, at least one of which must be a spirit or liqueur!

The off-trade spirit market is worth around £3.7 billion, growing at +5.6% YoY and is divided into eight broad categories with Vodka being the biggest single sector worth around £1 billion. Blended Scotch is the next biggest sector at £850 million, followed by Liqueurs £490 million and Gin £305 million, other categories include Brandy, Rum, Imported Whiskey and Single Malt, combined, worth around £890 million.

It is estimated that the ‘at-home’ Cocktails market has a 13% share worth around £485 million and growing at a faster rate than the overall spirits market at +10%.

Mixing it up!

As a walk-down any BWS/Spirit aisle will prove, there’s multiple choice and maximum confusion; some spirit categories are clear, some cloudy and some simply opaque, although sales are good!

However uniquely within the Cocktail arena there is a natural ‘togetherness’ a blending of spirits and philosophies which lead to great drinks and opportunities.

It is into the ‘at-home’ entertaining market that Brand Belief is launching the first ever Cocktails focused multi-brand, multi-channel grocery promotion – Mixorama!

However even in this on-trend area, brands have to help consumers understand the dynamics and usage of cocktails and mixology, to gain increased awareness, new trial and to combat competing influences and pressures from other alcoholic beverages!

With Cocktails,
together is better!